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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How we find the right gift idea

When it comes to finding the right gift idea, all of a sudden the internet seems to shrink.  Many of the most popular sites seem to offer a bunch of personalized swag.

Rather than act like everyone else and just publish stuff we *think* would make a good gift, we mine the web to discover what gifts people are actually getting and pick out the ones they love the most.  That's right-- all the gifts we show are proven successes, not just some list of products some 'guru' thinks you'll like.

No matter how creative anyone may be, there's a limit to their abilities.  Eventually all gifts they choose start to converge and show some level of similarity with each other.  By crawling the web, we have a constant, fresh supply of the latest and greatest gift ideas that people are getting each day. 

Ever have a good gift but it feels incomplete?  Our technology even recommends great pairings for gift ideas by extracting what they were bought with, like this pair of sunglasses which is a great gift to go along with this pair of sandals.   We even cross check our gifts against similar ones, so if your husband might like a grill, but you're not sure which type, you can see different types people have gotten, such as charcoal, propane, and even indoor, models that could fit the bill.

So come on over and check us out the next time you need to find a great gift for a guy or gal.