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Monday, August 12, 2013

Best gifts of the week!

It's time for another "best of".  Today it's a look back to the best gifts of last week, from birthday gifts to wedding gifts received in early August.

#10: A Nerf N-Strike Blaster - A timeless classic.  From my own youth I can attest Nerf guns are some of the best gifts ever devised for a young kid.

#9: Save your friend from needing to worry about damaging their latest fancy phone with a LifeProof phone case.  Stylish, too.

#8: A lil' on the wild side.  This guy's wife really surprised him with a didgeridoo as an anniversary present!

#7: It's back-to-school time again.  From highschool to college, try a day planner for keeping track of all that schoolwork.

#6: Girls just gotta have clothes.  From a boyfriend to his lady, check out this cute dress.  Summer isn't over yet!

#5: Another one for a lady, but guys can use it too in the kitchen.  Give your friend or spouse a fancy new mandolin as a gift.  As an added bonus, they might cook you something!

#4: Now for the guys- you'll be amazed how useful a complete socket wrench set will turn out to be.  Personally, this author could use more metric sockets, since it turns out his SAE connectors are becoming less prevalent.

#3: The real McCoy - a Ninja Professional Blender. This one is a perennial favorite, and it'll please any chef or homemaker.

#2: Get out and run.  This Garmin GPS watch will let you know when you can turn around.

#1: And finally, the creame de la creame- Our #1 gift from last week is an AeroPress Coffee / Espresso maker!  Just check out the sheer number of reviews this thing gets on Amazon.  Anyone who drinks coffee will love to get this, from weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, you name it.

That's all for the top ten list, but don't worry!  There's plenty more where these came from.  Check out the latest at Picky Presents, where we're always on the looking for gift ideas to make your next gift search easy.


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